Welcome to my world.

Let me introduce myself, Viv Dallaway, I am an artist living in Gloucester, for many years I have been inspired by current fashion trends and interior design, I have applied this inspiration to my art and crafts, the result being a collection of works. I have listed a selection please click on the 'collection' tabs above to view.

My work has been popular with local crafts fairs, I hope you see something you like. My current craft's can be found for sale at

If you would like any further information, pictures or prices please contact me on


One of a collection of three entitled 'Enchanted seasons' this one being Summer, a collage/acrylic mixed media painting, a deeply textured sky hangs above a green forest floor textured with beads, wool, felt flowers and sprinkled with glitter. giving an overall enchanted feel to the piece. Work in progress are 'Winter' and 'Autumn'.

Block canvas acrylic/mixed media. Measures 46cm x 60cm.